我很高兴地宣布,AndYou Studio开发的Android应用程序终于取得阶段性的成果了!



相信有了你们的热心支持,AndYou Studio将继续努力,争取完善应用,提供更便捷更优秀的服务!

最后,还是那句话AndYou can be the best……


预告一下,AndYou Studio最近动态,《爱情时间》下一版本将加入记事本、更多纪念日设置等用户反馈最多的功能;《星座》下一版本将试验性地加入LBS服务,让你和地理位置上周围的好友互动,形成完善的移动社交平台;《杰伦专辑》将整合杰伦中文网(jaycn.com)论坛,方便杰迷查阅杰伦最新动态,讨论分享杰伦资讯,互动交友等;《系鞋带》将从普通工具应用转变为游戏应用,动态的类似于Flash动画的展示哦!等等……


I am pleased to announce that, AndYou Studio's Android application has finally achieved initial results !
Users (Linked Internet users) the total number of breakthrough 100000.00 !
Especially the "constellation", "LoveTime", "Jay album" and other outstanding applications received positive feedback from many users!
Believe that with your enthusiastic support, AndYou Studio will continue to strive to perfect the application, to provide better service more convenient! 
Finally AndYou can be the best……

Notice about, AndYou Studio recent developments, "LoveTime" the next version will add notepad, settings, and user feedback for more up to the anniversary of the function; "constellation" of the next version of the test to join the LBS services, you and geographic position around the friends are, form a complete mobile social networking platform; "Jay album" Chinese network will integrate Jay (jaycn.com) forum, fans easy access to Jay Jay News, Jay discuss information sharing, interactive dating etc.; "TieYourShoe" application into a common tool from gaming applications, dynamic Flash animation shows like ! Etc ... 

As of July 2, 2011, 12:05, the latest statistics the following screenshot:
Umeng Statistics 201107021205
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